Monday, August 1, 2011

Valentine week 2011: Chocolate Day SMS

Chocolate Day is celebrated on 9th Feb the 3rd day’s on-going valentine’s week. You may make this very day unique giving chocolates for your true love and convey your love towards your spouse. Chocolates are the sign of love & peace, usually gifted by men, when they upset their partner. Apart from your wishes, expectations, or doubts for Valentine’s Day, chocolate has long been a much loved gift for lovers & it’s a token of romance, love & passion.

Almost nothing softens a heart like Valentines Day candies. Regardless of whether your spouse enjoys darkish candies, nutty candies, dairy sweets or chocolate truffles, these Valentines weekend confections send out the words of affection & love, & even though Valentine’s Day chocolates might not continue for lengthy, the actual caring feelings & memory of the giver’s contemplation will.

Lovely chocolate and Lovely you,
N Lovely are the things U do,
But the loveliest is d friendship of the 2,
One is Me & Other is you!
“Happy chocolate day”

If you are a Teddy Bear you are d most huggable,
If you r a Star You are d Brightest,
and since you are my ?
Sweet Heart

“Happy chocolate day”

Today is chocolate day,
Dairy milk for love,
Perk 4 friends,
Kit Kat 4 best friends,
Polo 4 hatred,
And mentos 4 cool persons,
wht do U choose for me,
Reply is must

Life is like a chocolate box,
Each chocolate is like a portion of life,
Sum r crunchy, sum are nutty,
Sum are soft, but all are DELICIOUS.

This is a chocolate message,
4 a dairy milk person,
From a 5 star friend,
4 a melody reason,
And a kitkat time,
On a munch day,
In a perk mood 2 say,
Happy Chocolate Day..

These days, Chocolate Day is celebrated universally. On this day people make many sweet and delicious chocolates. This is an occasion of eating and gifting stylish chocolates.


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