Friday, July 22, 2011

Through the Wormhole does "The Sixth Sense"

This is great if only because the youtube comments dredge up the same stuff I experienced recently.

I posted peer-reviewed "gold standard" (randomized controlled) studies proving paranormal powers on "theparacast" forum.

The members on that forum freaked.

Instead of addressing the content of what I posted it was first stated that I must be selling something and therefore the post should be removed. Then it was stated that the study was just "name dropping" and therefore fake (because it was a study done at the prestigious Mayo Clinic). After that things got stranger -- I was attacked with vehemence when I continued to post evidence corroborating the research. So the testimonials must be fake or paid actors -- even though the local news had reported them and corroborated them. The results must be placebo -- even though the results were dramatic and showed electric shocks.

Again none of the above criticisms actually addressed the content of the research. Finally someone stated that they would not trust the results of the research unless it was double-blinded. So I then explained how consciousness by definition doesn't have a traceable source so it could be telepathy or precognition -- in other words there's no way to prove that a person isn't somehow unconsciously aware of the results ahead of time. By definition consciousness remains a mystery and yet the results remain.

Well this was too much! Now I was "pandering" -- stooping to peoples' lowest desires. The thread was immediately shut down and if I protested then I should be "banished" from the forums. haha.

And so there was blatant, repeated evidence presented and yet a great psychological wall was reached: Rational thinking is not what it appears! Science is a scam! The emperor wears no clothes. The Cosmic Mother will never be unveiled.

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