Sunday, July 24, 2011

Parents’ Day Out!

Give those parental figures of yours the recognition they deserve. Come celebrate your parents with us on this special national observance day known as Parents’ Day!

For all the things your parents have done for you, take this special day to do something for them. You provide the parents, we’ll provide the service; and together we will make it one of the best nights of their lives. Join us tonight!

Happy Parents Day to all parents out there especially to My Beloved Parents...
Thanks for bring me into this world.

When you feel like breaking down or crashing in,
Who do you turn to, to forgive your sin?
When you cried your lonely tears,
Who will be there to fight your fears?
And when it feels like no one would understand,
Who was there to hold your hand?

There are people whom you can't replace,
They're the ones who gave you your face.
They'll love you through thick and thin,
They show you the light from deep within.
And if by chance, you happen to die,
They'll be the ones who will really cry.

You see, my friend, there's no one who can love you more,
Than your very own parents, that's for sure.
Always remember that this is true,
That wherever you go, your parents will be there for you.

In 1994, the fourth Sunday of every July was established as Parents’ Day. According to the Parents’ Day website, the original National Parents’ Day legislation said the day is all about “recognizing, uplifting, and supporting the role of parents in the rearing of children.” Think of what your parents have done for you. Even though they may annoy us, ask way too many questions and seem overly concerned about little things, most parents have put a lot of time, effort and love into the raising of their children.

This Sunday, July 24, is the day to repay (just a little bit!) your parents back for the last 20 years. One of the best parts about this is that even a small token of appreciation will probably be greatly appreciated by your parents. So, go on, choose one of these easy gifts and make your parents’ day!

Time: This one is the easiest, but also potentially the hardest. What do your parents love to do? My mom loves to garden, and while it is not on my Top Ten of favorite things to do, I (very) occasionally weed and transplant flowers because she loves sharing her favorite thing with me. Caddy for your dad, go antiquing with your mom, help your dad build that bookshelf. If your parents are doing something they love on Sunday, ask to join them!

Food: Think of all the food your parents have paid for over your life. Probably it’s a lot. Now think of how cool it would be to go out to dinner or lunch and treat your parents? Most likely, they will be amazed your off to pay. (If you have siblings, talk with them about splitting the bill.) If you’ve got an unpaid internship and other poor college kid woes, go the cheaper route by making them a meal. You can really go all out with this – appetizers, salad, entrĂ©e and, of course, dessert. They will be equally amazed!

Fun: You ask them if they want to do something fun, expenses on you. The invitation alone will most likely be enough for them to say yes! For those of you with an a summer paycheck: go bowling, play putt-putt, go to the movies, go roller skating, head to the zoo orout a play at your local music theatre. For those of you without a summer paycheck: ask for a family game night, do a puzzle, go on a family walk/bike ride, go fishing, start a game of basketball/football/ladder golf or have a movie marathon.

Conversation: What to do if your parents are hundreds of miles away? Give them a call. Have your normal conversation, but then make it a little longer by saying something short and sweet at the end: “Hey [parent], I just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I found out today is National Parents’ Day, and I just wanted to let you know that I really do appreciate you.” If it applies, have that parent pass the phone to the other, so you can thank them both. That’s it. Fifteen seconds to let your parents know you truly do value what they’ve done for you.

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