Sunday, July 24, 2011

"Godfather" of movie Coppola unveils make new 3D movie "Twixt"

Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola's film is a fantasy, ready to remind fans why they fell in love with the first prize, he returns to the cooling of the horror genre, "helped" with its twist 3D.Making its first return to Comic-Con International in 20 years after having given "Bram Stoker's Dracula" here, "Godfather" director on Saturday detained thousands of film buffs, both young and old, because she sees her upcoming film, which seems to be a mystery wrapped in fear.

"I have always loved the story of a Gothic romance, horror story ... I started my apprenticeship with Roger Corman. Did I make a low-budget horror film of the knee. I was a helper, which meant the car wash every week and mow the lawn, but I learned a lot from Roger, "said.Five Coppola Coppola's Oscar-winner, 72, whose work includes" The Godfather "in writing" Patton "and make" Apocalypse Now "has for years been selective in his directorial debut effort, often choose to work outside the Hollywood studio , where he admits that he is impaired creativity.

With "help", he continues to put their spin on the Coppola film with 3D technology, how it less burdensome for the public expects. In the course of history, he is placed in the display of tips on where to place the 3D glasses the audience that they do not need to wear them all the lecturer film.Coppola donned the cap on Saturday at Comic-Con, collecting tens of thousands of fans of all things sci -fi, fantasy and comic books, movies and television. "I was a little surprised when I heard a few studio execs say they're not going to do all the 3D movies," he said, expressing doubts about the new cinema technology.

He said that although he was a high-quality 3D movies like "Avatar", removed his glasses at different times. His complaints are similar to many fans of 3D movies, which have experienced eye fatigue.Coppola Comic-Con and gave fans a "dress rehearsal" for an ambitious plan to see him on screen "helped" with live music in different cities. It keeps track of sessions, much like a conductor, and to "make it clear to the audience for each film," he said. "I want to bring life back to the movies," Coppola fashion feel quite dizzy delight audiences.

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